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Secured On Blockchain (SOB) is a platform that allows you to store vital information of your assets (physical or digital) on the blockchain and is easily accessible to all for verification. You can store key information like the age of a product, history (provenance), pictures, serial number, Identification of the product etc. Now why is this so important? This provides originality and preserves the value of a product over a long period of time. This is perfect for all parties involved (Product owner, previous owner, potential buyer, future owners etc.). SOB can only create value to the tokens because we are in the process of turning traditional retail (WEB 2) companies into WEB 3 oriented companies.

We have partners (Large marketplaces) waiting to secure their products on our platform. We will tell you about our first partner Vintage & Rare (V&R).  



The first company to start this journey is Vintage & Rare (V&R) –
V&R is a global player within the rare and collectibles music instruments. The platform has been in business for the past 15 years and they are working together with 400 stores around the world.

When you have a very valuable instrument, then this will only be complete if you have the original paperwork, pictures etc. These very important items are normally stored as physical items in the form of paper or as files you have on your desktop. The problem is that they are not stored in a way which secures them, in a way that prevents theft, breakdown of desktop etc… 

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A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that brings together Musician and their Fans with the use of NFT Technology. Fans can buy, sell, trade, and even utilize the great perks of having a World of Artist NFT.


A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that allows owners of High End Luxury Watch to create an NFT of their watch which will act as a Certificate of Authenticity.

A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that allows owners of Rare Musical Instruments to create NFTs. 

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01 / FAST

Create your NFTs with our easy  and unique state of the art technology and smart contracts.


All the infrastructure in our Ecosystem are audited to ensure we meet the highest security standards in the Blockchain Industry. We are also fully complient with the Payment Card Industry´s Security Standards Council.

03 / EASY

Our team ensured that all our UI/UX are simple and easy to use. Anyone can create their NFTs in just a few clicks.

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Token Name: Secured On Blockchain
Ticker: SOB
Decimal: 9
Total Supply: 1,000,000
Network: ETH
TAX: 5/5
*Use of Tax: Fund Marketing, Development and Partners.

Contract Address: 0x54da724e13d64619a36e1ee6f4bf92d5a410da41

Token Distribution

Liquidity: 600,000 (60%)

Team tokens: 100,000 (10%)

Legal / compliance: 50,000 (5%)

Marketing: 100,000 (10%)

Staking Reward: 100,000 (10%)

Advisors: 50,000 (5%)

Lock and Vesting Schedule:

Liquidity - Locked for 6 months

Team Tokens - Locked for 3 months then vested over 10 months

Legal / Compliance - Vested over 6 months

Marketing - Vested over 12 months

Staking reward - Vested over 12 months

Advisors - Vested over 6 months

Revenue Share

You earn every time a Certificate of Ownership and/or a Certificate of Provenance is sold, because up to 20% of the generated revenue will be shared among SOB token holders.


Q3 – 2023

- Optimizing socials

- Setting team

- Stealth Launch

- Marketing through network

- First partner to be announced.

Q4 – 2023

- First partner to “Go Live” generating rewards.

- Marketing through influencers.

- Second Partner to be Announced.

- Release report of development activities

Q1 – 2024

- Second partner to “Go Live” generating rewards.

- Continued marketing through influencers.

- Release of Rewards report Q3 – 2023.

Q3 - 2024

-Fourth partner to “Go live” generating rewards

-Release of Rewards report Q2 - 2024

-Partnership across utility token projects

Q2 - 2024

-Third partner to “Go live” generating rewards

-Release of Rewards report Q1 - 2024

-4th. Partner to be announced

Q4 - 2024

-5th. Partner to be announced
-Release of Rewards report Q3 - 2024



Secured on Blockchain was created with a very ambitious purpose: integrating blockhain technology into the lives of people. Our ecosystem will be comprised of various projects that will facilitate the usage of NFTs in the industries of Music, Watch and other High Value Collectibles.


We seek to develop on a comprehensive ecosystem which will allow individuals to facilitate blockchain as a means of creating certificates of authenticity and bringing people together.


All of our technology and its infrastructure are unique and adaptive. Our smart contracts are primarily built on the Ethereum Blockchain.


Tel: +45 82134849

Axel Gruhns Vej 10

DK-8270 Hoejbjerg Denmark

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