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Dive Into the New Age of Web3 driven businesses

Projects in the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem

Vintage and Rare Logo

VIntage and Rare NFTS

A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that allows owners of Rare Musical Instruments to create NFTs. 

Unicus Watch Logo

Unicus Watch

A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that allows owners of High End Luxury Watch to create an NFT of their watch which will act as a Certificate of Authenticity

World of Artist NFT Logo

World of Artists NFTs

A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that brings together Musician and their Fans with the use of NFT Technology. Fans can buy, sell, trade, and even utilize the great perks of having a World of Artist NFT.


The first company to start this journey is Vintage & Rare (V&R) –

V&R is a global player within the rare and collectibles music instruments. The platform has been in business for the past 15 years and they are working together with 400 stores around the world.

When you have a very valuable instrument, then this will only be complete if you have the original paperwork, pictures etc. These very important items are normally stored as physical items in the form of paper or as files you have on your desktop. The problem is that they are not stored in a way which secures them, in a way that prevents theft, breakdown of desktop etc.

Using blockchain to secure all the data, the owner always has a secure place for storage. Further the owner can provide proof of ownership in an easy way once the item has been checked by an authorized dealer. So, it not only serves as security for the owner, it also makes it much easier for the authorized dealer to check the originality, ownership and not least the provenance afterwards.

We at SOB have not made a platform without talking to the authorized dealers. As a matter of fact, we did the opposite. This means that we soon are going to launch a platform which is already accepted by the network of 400 authorized dealers around the world.

This creates a lot of transactions and value, and this is what you become a part of, if you own SOB tokens. Value created from the business is going to flow directly down to holders in the terms of rewards.Vintage & Rare has been used as example here, because it is our first platform – however many more are already planning to use a similar set up like Vintage & Rare.

Vintage & Rare basic information:
- Established in 2008 (2012).
- 100.000 unique visitors / month.
- 400 dealers around the world uses the platform daily.
- Well known artists are ready to promote the platform.
- Key Authorized dealers are ready to promote the platform.
- Vintage & Rare will be exhibiting at Key Exhibitions around the world promoting the platform.

- Frontend and backend have been completely rebranded for this setup.
- Vintage & Rare will be promoting Secured On Blockchain as their preferred WEB 3 partner.

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