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Dive Into the New Age of Web3 driven businesses

Our Ecosystem

Perception-Enabled Technology

Projects in the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem encompass a diverse array of initiatives leveraging blockchain technology to enhance security measures across industries. 


A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that allows owners of High End Luxury Watch to create an NFT of their watch which will act as a Certificate of Authenticity. Visit our platform:


A product of the Secured on Blockchain Ecosystem that brings together Musician and their Fans with the use of NFT Technology. Fans can buy, sell, trade, and even utilize the great perks of having a World of Artist NFT. Visit our platform:

Where it all started

World of Artists NFTs

Digital Marketplace for Music Fans and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) enthusiasts. Buy, sell and discover exclusive Fan- released music NFTs.


The goal of the us at World of Artists NFTS is to develop a decentralized music-sharing platform that is uncensorable, just, and simple to use—a system that offers listeners more options and pays artists fairly for their work.

The manner that music is distributed in the twenty-first century is being significantly disrupted by our project. World of Artists NFTs will empower small artists and bring about a new paradigm shift in how people listen to and pay for music by eliminating significant middlemen in the music recording industry, such as record labels, monopolized distribution platforms, label companies, and studios. 

​World of Artists NFTs is in a good position to leverage the decentralized features of smart contracts and IPFS to completely transform the music industry.


Rising artists are inclined to release tracks on our Platform because it allows them to take home nearly 100% of the revenue they generate and track where their revenue is going in a transparent manner.

It also allows artists to diversify into a new audience, and revenue streams traditionally not available through existing platforms. These less established artists will be relieved to learn that they do not need to sign long-term deals or pay hefty registration fees to list their work on our platform.

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